More Versatile Than Any Other System

Because outbreaks are rarely confined to one space, you need multiple tools in your toolbox to protect your athletic facility’s various environments.


Weight Rooms, Equipment and Training Rooms, and Locker Rooms


Team Buses, Chartered Vans, and Other Team Vehicles


Indoor Courts, Sports Arenas,
and Outdoor Stadiums



Creating healthy facilities is easier, faster, and safer than ever before. Using patented pulse technology, CURIS has revolutionized disinfection, making hydrogen peroxide fogging the perfect choice for an achievable, measurable kill of 99.9999% of dangerous pathogens.


Weighing in at 36 lbs., the CURIS device (aka the “suitcase”) treats up to 10,000 c.ft. and syncs up to 15 devices to treat large-scale athletic environments.


Advanced wireless operation and tracking provides the ability to disinfect a space AND prove those efforts.


CURIS’ patented PulseTM system is the ONLY system to intermittently inject optimal amounts of 7% H202, maintaining the proper concentration of germ-killing solution.

Uniquely Portable and Extremely Durable

The CURIS System, distributed by SportsClean Solutions, was specifically designed for portability and use in a multitude of athletic settings. Although comparatively small in size, weighing in at only 36 lbs, the device is capable of treating sealed spaces – easily, effectively, and without forfeiting power.

Commonly referred to as “The Suitcase”, the device’s robust, yet compact size and weight, make it possible to have high-level disinfection anywhere pathogens travel. Unique in its’ portability and durability, the CURIS fogger device has been tested as checked airline baggage 97 times in no more protection than a thin cardboard box, proving it can take a beating.

The Dimensions

  • Weight and dimensions:  36 lbs; 19 3/4 x 13 3/4 x 17 1/4
  • Coverage capabilities:  Up to 10,000 cubic feet
  • Built in capabilities: Automatically sequenced outlet; auto calculations
  • Voltage: 115v or 220v
  • APP/CSDM: Range ≤ 600 feet (wifi/wireless)

Innovative Patented Pulse Mist tm Technology for Greater Efficiency

Traditional chemical disinfectants and manual cleaning sprays are no match for disease-causing pathogens. These hard-to-treat dangerous germs thrive in high traffic and often complicated settings. Traditional disinfectant solutions simply cannot safeguard athletic facilities effectively, often failing to disinfect due to inadequate dwell time. Eradicating serious and often antibiotic-resistance infections requires a whole-room disinfectant system that takes a different approach.

Understanding why chemical disinfections (and even some fog/mist devices) fail was the first step to CURIS’s design of a different type of fogging solution. Every chemical has a swell time; fogging is no exception. Too little contact and efficacy suffers. Too much and surface areas are soaked.

The patented Pulse Mist TM Technology maintains the right volume of hydrogen peroxide formula within a given space by automatically cycling on and off, replenishing the solution only as needed. The CURIS patented  Pulse Mist TM Technology provides just the right amount of solution by:

  • Injecting less solution to the treatment areas, resulting in a drier treatment
  • Maintaining the injected solution to create micro-condensation
  • Replenishing the solution and inhibiting premature evaporation

This brilliantly simple technique is how CURIS maintains a pathogen kill zone using aerosolized fog to provide coverage other methods can’t reach, including but not limited to cracks, crevices, shadows, and corners, without causing saturation.

Naturally Enhanced Formula

No toxic by-products or residue. No odor. No mixing. The CURIS solution formula is an effective, hospital-grade, broad-spectrum disinfectant used in weight rooms, locker rooms, training and equipment rooms, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities and vehicles by professional sports teams, colleges, high schools, and recreational programs.

Featuring CURoxide’s Enhanced Hydrogen-Peroxide

Many solutions containing hydrogen-peroxide are too highly concentrated and may be very corrosive on surfaces. The CURIS 7% enhanced hydrogen-peroxide formulation* strikes a perfect balance for efficacy and excellent material compatibility without the need for harsh chemicals like silver or bleach.

 This special blend attacks pathogens by releasing the extra oxygen molecule and creates free radicals that oxidize the organism from the outside in. This killing action makes it very difficult for pathogens to build up resistance, eliminating future pathogen resistance and leaving no harmful residues behind.

The CURIS hydrogen-peroxide solution formula:

  • Decontaminates hard, non-porous surfacesIs easy to use
  • Incorporates sustainable technology
  • Doesn’t leave behind toxic residues or a sticky mess
  • Uses a bleach-free formulaIs fragrance free
  • Eliminates odorsDoesn’t require rinsing or wiping

(*Hydrogen-peroxide for Direct Spray & Fog. EPA Reg. No. 93324-1)

Made in Florida, each CURIS Fogger device passes through a vigorous quality assurance testing process before it leaves the warehouse. Each device must pass stringent quality control procedures, including chamber testing with biological indicators and output testing to ensure flow, reach, and strength.  

When fighting something you can’t see, with something you can’t witness, biological indicators paired with chemical indicators are the most accurate method to ensuring your disinfectant treatments are efficacious. The CURIS System is the only system recommending validation with Geobacillus Stearothermophilus in a Tyvek/Tyvek pouch (6-log reduction) as a validation tool so you know with confidence, your system works.


Fits comfortably in your hand for easy use with optimal spray control. Consistent coverage for large, open spaces. Same solution formula and validation testing rigor as the CURIS CORE.

Better Then Electrostatic

No Boomerang Effect

Sprayed solution always sticks to the surface, not the applicator.

No Sticky Residues

Never any messy, harmful residues as the CURIS Solution decomposes to water and oxygen.

No Heavy Lifting

No liability of back straining from heavy equipment.


CURIS System Data Management (CSDM) does more than record basic treatment data. CSDM empowers administrators to track treatments, access via cloud, share reports via email, and strategize.

Safely Track and Store Your Decontamination History

As the only disinfection system to utilize Bluetooth technology and cloud-based data management, the CURIS App safely tracks and stores your disinfection history so you can prove your efforts are going the extra mile to combat even the most resistant pathogens. The patented design ingeniously operates one device or gives the ability to sync 20+ devices together for larger spaces or multiple room disinfection. 

With the CURIS App, you can conveniently monitor devices and their progress as you continue with other tasks. When running the fogger remotely and out of line of sight, simply use the app to check for the fog cycle progress by touching the CURIS icon. The time line will tell you the status and time remaining for completion. 

The CURIS App also provides tools to help identify and address issues quickly, improving your cleaning and disinfection efficiencies, including: 

  • The ability to monitor and assess quality control, optimize staff time, asset, and risk management
  • Real-time job tracking and reporting
  • Real-time information for increased proficiency