A broad- spectrum disinfectant containing 7% enhanced hydrogen peroxide formulation to achieve powerful efficacy.

6-log reduction

Kills 99.9999% of C. diff spores in a tri-part soil load, ensuring even the toughest pathogens can be disinfected. 

Patented pulse Tm formula

The patented Pulse Hydrogen Peroxide system produces cutting edge efficacy on even the hardest to eliminate germs.

validation tested

The only system validated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus in a Tyvek/Tyvek pouch as validation tools.

Remote Management

The CURIS App tracks and stores your disinfection history so you can prove your efforts are going the extra mile to combat resistant germs.


Routinely and frequently disinfect surfaces, equipment, and spaces touched by multiple people with the portable and robust CURIS system.

A new whitepaper

Learn how new and emerging germs are changing the way athletic departments tackle effective cleaning of their facilities.

*The CURIS System qualifies for PPP spending.

Financing now available
from Vend Lease, a division of LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc., a subsidiary of People’s United Bank, N.A.

Enjoy Higher Efficacy with Less Time and Solution

The CURIS System is the first portable, hydrogen peroxide-based fogging system capable of disinfecting a room or enclosed area via a patent pulse technology.

CURIS patented pulse mist tm technology

Inadequate dwell time is the reason why most cleaning solutions and chemical disinfectants fail. Fog/misting devices are no exception. These systems dispense a chemical and turn-off once the desired time is achieved or they depend on a manual spraying and wiping technique. Recognizing a comprehensive disinfectant method was needed, CURIS designed the patented Pulse Mist™ technology that was incorporated into a portable, lightweight device that could provide coverage to even the hardest to reach athletic facility spaces.

The patented Pulse Mist™ technology maintains the right volume of hydrogen peroxide formula within a given space by automatically cycling on and off, replenishing the solution only as needed. This unique cycling technique requires up to 30% less solution while providing a dry, efficacious, aerosolized fog to maintain the optimal pathogen kill environment zone without saturation.

Empower Your Staff and Protect Your Athletic Facilities

Proactively prevent and fight hard to treat outbreaks with the CURIS System, a whole-space patented disinfectant made in the United States (U.S.), proven to effectively kill even the toughest pathogens, safely and effectively.

  • Remote or manual operation
  • Patented multi-sync function
  • Treat up to 10,000 cuft
  • EPA registered and validated
  • Auto calculation
  • Under Fog Protection™
  • Local representative to meet and train your operations and facilities staff

Treat Pathogens Anywhere They Travel

Referred to as “the suitcase”, at 36 lbs, CURIS weighs less than your average carry-on case. Effortlessly move from room to room to treat large spaces like arenas or small spaces like vehicles.

Increase Productivity and Save Money

More powerful than other fogging systems and solutions while consuming up to 30% less  solution to treat each space thanks to the patented CURIS Pulse Technology and consistent droplet size.

Discover the value of SportsClean Solutions

Proactively disinfect high traffic and vulnerable surface areas with confidence using the CURIS System distributed by SportsClean Solutions.